Today is a GREAT day


Hello guys! Welcome back with me and Monday!

How’s your day today? Great right? NO? Are you sure?

Because today is a GREAT day. Actually, every day is a great day. Don’t you think that every single day you open your eyes and take a breath is a great and beautiful day?

C’mon guys! Every day is actually a beautiful day. Every single day you take your breath, open your eyes, move your body, even you just speak one word, is beautiful. Every day you live your life is beautiful. You have be grateful for that, BECAUSE

One day when you open your eyes in the morning, there’s someone who still can’t see the sun comes up
When you hear your friend greet you at the afternoon, there’s someone who still can’t hear a footstep around them
When you move your body over one song all night, there’s someone who have to rest onto their bed and still feel the pain around their body
And when you finally take another breath in the next day, there’s someone who take their last breath.

Just remember all those things. Don’t you think it’s really important for us to be grateful just because we still can feel the air and see the sun until the moon comes up. Guys, we never know that maybe tomorrow is our last time to live in this world, that maybe tomorrow is our day to leave this world.

We never know what will happen tomorrow. But at least, do you best today, be grateful for all that you’ve got today and live your life. Take a second to say Alhamdulillah or thank to Allah who still let us live our life.

After read this, I hope you’ll enjoy every single day you live in. And I hope you’ll always feel great and amazing about yourself and your life (because, you are great and amazing guys!). Comment below what do you feel about your life after read it!

NB : I feel so good when I wrote it. I hope you enjoy it, love you guys as always, Sha.

That’s all for today. I will see you again next Monday! Keep shining and be ready for another story of my life, Sha.

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  1. Gua nggak nyangka bakal full inggris.
    Thanks. You're great too..

    1. Hehehe, I'm trying my best :)
      Your welcome, and thank you so much for reading this, I hope you feel better than before :D

  2. Konsisten makai bahasa inggrisnya ya :3


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