BIG News!!!


Hey guys! I just wanna write something in this lovely blog #jeh okay so I write this at 11pm and I've tried to sleep but my eyes don't wanna sleep, maybe because my eyes didn't feeling tired.
I wanna say thank you for everyone who read this, because that mean you read my blog. I know there are just 5000+ peoples who visit my blog, but I'm so happy to realize this is my hard work and all of you to make all of this happen.

I still remember when my visitor just 10-100 peoples. I was not write for 1 month, year I think, but I know there's a time that I realize I can write anything in my blog #oh. And found my idol, my motivation in blogger world, and then I learned from them about "consistency" and I do that, for today, tomorrow, two days later and maybe for ever.

So I will tell you this excited news! (Idk it's excited for me). So the big news is I will post in this blog every Monday, so you can find me every Monday, not me, but my story. I always hope you're all enjoy my story even tho that's a weird story. You know sometime people just need a break to do some weird activity, yeah you must know that.

So write on your calendar, note, diary or etc, that I will post on this blog every Monday and my post will make your Monday. If you ask me why "monday". Because I wanna make all of you to stop hate Monday, and start to love this day, love everyday. Love your day and start to do something.
Yeah you can stop to hate Monday, because you'll find joy in my blog that can make you think, laugh, smile, or confused. And you can find the information about healthy, flora or fauna. I will post some information and motivation. I tell you story about my life.

So that's all I can say to you guys! Thank you so much for anyone who read this, read my blog always visit my blog!!! I really happy and thank you for make all of this happen, I promise all of you to always consistent, anytime I have a break to write I will write, and I will make sure there always a post every Monday that can make you smile, confused and maybe smart. This blog is decide for you and I decide to give you a Information and Motivation, and Story.

One more thank you. I'm sorry, if there are bad grammar I will improve my grammar and my english. Just comment below if there are a wrong english or grammar. I will learn from the best!

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