Life Rewind (2015)


Hey guys! How are you?
And welcome back in my lovely blog!!

So today is the last day of 2015!!! This post is special, because today isn't Monday. So guys, 2015 have been so amazing for my life, because of that I'll tell you my experience and memories of 2015. So let's start it, My Life Rewind 2015, enjoy reading this guys!.

1. To be part of Dewan Galang 2014/2015 (Scout organization in my school). I can't believe that at first, but this experience is so amazing at the end.
2. To be leader of my 8 grade, not really amazing but fun.
3. Palmajari Competition. I didn't win, but it's my first time join something like that, and I think it's so fun and I enjoyed the competition.
4. Lapamerru Competition. My team got third place, and we were so happy. And this competition was my biggest birthday gift!.
5. My 14 birthday. So yeah I'm now 14, all my wish is to be good person more than last year.
6. Jogja Study Tour. I meet Niall Horan! *just kidding* I meet someone who look like Niall and the another someone who look like Harry.
7. Win Lagapradya. It's for Palmagensa, and finally we win Lagapradya. First place for Lagapradya, I'm so happy until today. I'm so proud with myself and all of the person in Palmagensa, and I really miss Palmagensa so much!.
8. 5 weeks holiday, it's sound like crazy but it's real.
9. My mom buy me a laptop! I'm so happy that I have my own.
10. Mid Test, I suprised at that time, because I just already got to school in August and I got Mid Test in October, like so unfair.
11. One Direction 5th Album Released!!! Made In The A.M. The First album without Zayn but still make me excited.
12. 9th grade bimbel. It's not really fun that we know that our time in 9th grade is just about 5 or 4 months again, not really fun. And the national exam is like right in front of my eyes.

Okay guys! That all of my experience and memories of my 2015. Not all of that is amazing, fun or something but all of that really make my 2015. And I think 2015 have been good for me and at all, I think 2015 is such a good year.

Hmm, I can't believe this day is the end of 2015, I just think that yesterday was the first day of 2015 but that wasn't. But 2015 already given me a lot of lesson, and make me meet a lot of new people. Today, I hope all of us will have another good year in 2016. I have a lot of thing to reach in 2016, and I think you have too, so I hope all of us will reach our dream.

Last, I hope my blog will grow to be a big blog that will make my family and my self proud. And for all of you guys who read this, I just want to say thank you so much because you read my blog, it's my dream to make my blog bigger and bigger, and you already made that come true, so yeah Thank You So MUCH. I hope you'll enjoy another post in my blog, and keep enjoy every post here, I love you guys so much.

Let's make 2016 to be our year guys!! Happy New Year!!!! Have a great 2016!!!

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