It Was Me, and Your Shadow.


I was a kid that play on the slider
I was that kid who bring a doll to my kindergarten
and I was that kid that don't enjoy kindergarten, but enjoy teletubies.

But that also me,
who see you through the glass, under the rain
wishing you would never catch me staring
but also hoping you will see me as soon as I go away.

It's like a mystery when you suddenly disappear,
I lose you when the lights went out,
and you still nowhere to be found,
even when the sun already shine so bright.

And I was that girl who search for your shadow,
and that also me who realize,
all this time you actually nothing,
but a shadow of my fictional boy. 

it's actually a little me, who love teletubies.

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  1. Puisinya simpel tapi bagus banget. Gua waktu kecil juga anaknya agak anti-social, jadi gua bisa berempati dengan perasaan yg tertuang di dalam puisi di atas hehehe...


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